Insomnia Radio #99: Going All The Way

IR 99 includes at LEAST 3 of your new favorite songs, as well as some huge IR-related news which may surprise you. Listener feedback, genre-bleeder tracks, RIAA-bashing, and silliness all packed into less than an hour!

ONE snag: After the fact, something got severely screwed up following Peter Toh’s track, so apologies to Peter for cutting off his website URL and info :-(

Running Time: 52:40 | Rating: PG


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7 Reasons Insomnia Radio Exists:

  1. Gasoline Heart: All The Way | Buy @ iTunes
  2. Pro Audio: She Likes Girls | Download Album Free | Vote!
  3. Courtneys: Bodman Bunny (Courtesy IR Orlando)
  4. Peeler: Half Past High (Album available in Music section)
  5. Peter Toh: Truly In Love | Buy @ iTunes
  6. Equals Conquest: 30th Street Station
  7. We Are The Music Makers: Spaziotemp

Major IR News:

  • IR+iMP Producing Half Time Shows for 3 Cincinnati-area school sports programs.
  • IR+The Thieves: Interview, exclusive first look @ new album, and more soon
  • Insomnia Coffee Club Launches

Discussed & Ranted:

  • RIAA Sees (and Sues) Dead People
  • Chance 11-15 out Tuesday!
  • Q.O.W: Listener Feedback & Your Own Dream Podcast