IR Orlando #3: A Stolen Triple Double

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Hello everybody… a little change of pace this week – I’m stealing a page from the playbook of Insomnia Radio Baltimore (thanks Don & Tim!) and doing a ‘triple double’ of 2 songs from each of 3 artists. I hope you enjoy it!

Rad Kids
‘Do It To Me’
‘Give It Up’
Florida’s Dying
This is another of the bands involving Derek from Derek Lyn Plastic. Their debut 7′ EP is coming out on Florida’s Dying soon.

‘Ode to the Neglected’
This is a solo project of Joel Marcos that was recorded in his living room with an 8 track.
If you want to hear more, contact him at his MySpace site and he will email you mp3s.

‘Sir Lancelot’
‘Worried Mind’
Post Records
In addition to his solo career, Mumpsy is also a member of The Heathens, where he contributes drums, harp, guitar, keyboards and vocals.
His debut CD was ‘Exuberance of Peachtree’ and he has a brand new EP coming out in a couple of months.
>>Aug 18 @ Underground Bluz, Orlando, FL


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