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Insomnia Radio #96: The Freedom From Retail Episode

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Running Time: 57 minutes
Rating: Worksafe!

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For the first time in 9 years or so, I’m enjoying a weekend off from a job I’ll never clock in for again. As such, the commentary is quirky, unprofessional, and hopefully fun. (AKA I’m more thrilled than you can imagine) And the music should speak for itself. . .Ranging in genre from blues rock to hardcore to pop, featuring bands from the US, Switzerland, Japan, and the UK.

I’m seeming to find a comfort zone with these longer episodes, and hopefully you guys and girls feel the same. Let me know!

9 More Reasons IR Exists:

  1. Chris Juergensen: Love Dog (Buy @ iTunes)
  2. Inkwell: The Tragedy of David Gribble (Buy @ iTunes)
  3. Valeze: Go Go Go
  4. Zamarro: Baptized in Sweat (Buy @ iTunes)
  5. The New Humans: Good Morning Japan
  6. Clothes Make the Man: WMD (Check out our Review @ iMP)
  7. Neon Thrills: 2 Cigarettes
  8. Thin December: Susan (Buy @ iTunes)
  9. Sugar Daddie: Wishing Well (Buy @ iTunes)

Mental Doodles, Lost Thoughts, and Plugs:

Question of the Week:

—>What was the 1st concert you ever attended, whether you were DRAGGED there or went of your own free will. Any cool or horrific stories associated with it?

Last Week’s Question: What was your first album purchase? Listener feedback on this episode…

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Thanks for listening gang, see ya next time!

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