Sven-Erik Olsen: Sketchbook Traces

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Sven-Erik Olsen Over the past 20 years, Sven-Erik Olsen [currently based in Minneapolis] has done it all – power pop, big band jazz, noise, bluegrass, musical theater – everything, that is, except strike out on his own: until now. His debut proper, Sketchbook Traces, arrived in September 2017 and is a distillation of his truly unique musical vision: endlessly melodic, harmonically inventive, tonally rich, rhythmically adventurous, lyrically caustic and cryptic; a distinctive synthesis of his myriad influences, from Bacharach to Dylan, from Prince to Elvis Costello.

Reconnecting with drummer Dan Greenwood in 2016, and bassist Steve Amundsen, Olsen joined forces with engineers Ben Durrant and Zach Hollander to create his first proper solo album, Sketchbook Traces. At last, Olsen has crafted an album that alludes to the music closest to his heart – the mid-60s pop of Brian Wilson and Ray Davies coupled with Blood on the Tracks-era Bob Dylan. [via Green light Go]


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