Moon Darling: Learned Amongst The Sky

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Moon Darling “By The Light of The Moon,” the latest from Seattle-based band, Moon Darling arrives on Jan. 26th, 2018.

Foursome Moon Darling is racking up early attention for its muscular psychedelic 70’s sound ahead of the release of their new EP.

The fierce fretwork on the new collection by Michael Julian Escobar is matched by his Madison Square Garden-level vocals, and Moon Darling’s compelling presentation doesn’t stop there.

The not-so-hidden ace is likely drummer, Michelle Nuño, as heard in the EP’s title track, premiered via Tom Tom Mag (the publication with the tag line: “Drummers | Music | Feminism.”) Rounding out Moon Darling’s sound is bass guitarist, Jack Jay laying down sneaky, winding, and always in the pocket lines, along with keyboardist, Matthew Buckner. [via Fanatic]


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