Hans Toupee: Lights Camera Christmas

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While sitting in the studio parking structure in Hollywood a few weeks back ready to head home I spied a car plate directly across from me with the Fowler Volkswagen tag, all the way from Norman Oklahoma. This seemed to be a nice subliminal prod that the new Blackwatch holiday compilation was out. After quickly checking their Bandcamp page, my prayers were answered with the new entry from OK entitled “A Blackwatch Christmas Vol VII“.

If you are not familiar Fowler VW along with Blackwatch Studios puts out some of the highest quality and unique compilations around the holiday for the past six or seven years. This one is no exception with the opening track featured here today by mysterious artist HANS TOUPEE, notably “Lights Camera Christmas“. You can pick up all ten tracks as part of their free download on Bandcamp at the link below.

It is unknown where to find more information on Hans Toupee, quite possibly his unearthed debut effort.


Lights Camera Christmas