Arlt & Les Artistes D’Enfance: Est-Ce Que C’est Le Vent

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Est-Ce Que C’est Le Vent” roughly translated to “It is the Wind” comes from the new anthology “OUF, l’anthologie souterraine, 2015-2017“, a compilation of 22 underground french pop tracks released by French label La Souterraine on December 8th, 2017. This track, the eighteenth on this release was put together by Paris artists, Arlt & Les Artistes D’Enfance (Arlt & Childhood Artists), and works so perfectly with the beautiful blending of voices throughout. The song was originally released on the 5 track self-titled release that was issued back in June of 2016 on French label, Objet Disque.

You can pick up the entire release under a name-your-price model at the Souterraine page at Bandcamp although it is marked as a free download, so take your pick.


Est-Ce Que C’est Le Vent