Cloud: Frére Jacques and Me

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Today’s feature comes from the late 2013 LP “Comfort Songs” by Los Angeles based artist CLOUD (or Tyler Taormina). “Frére Jacques and Me” is a beautiful song that starts off slow but rewards the listener all the way to the end. There are a lot of great tracks on this release of the same caliber, all really planting themselves firmly in your head after repeat listens. Some other favorites include “Authorless Novel” or “Mother Sea“, a few other stellar pieces we currently can’t get enough of.

Recorded during a hot summer when I was 21. I would drive around in my grandma’s 88 Cadillac Coup DeVille which played cassettes only. I would only drive to and from work at the Sheraton Hotel because my car only took 15 miles to the gallon. That job was probably my favorite- serving food at those weddings. Nostalgic and slow in the dead heat of the season. Straight from work I’d hurry to the practice room to lay down tracks with the insane amount of people who came in and out helping me with various instruments. I know that this isn’t the most positive album. It was written during a very hard time. But I hope it brings you some comfort. – Ty

You can pick up the release at BC under a name-your-price model and his other newer 2015 release “Zen Summer” is also available through Dublin label Paper Trail Records for €7.


Frére Jacques and Me