J Hacha de Zola: Lightning Rod Salesman

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J Hacha de Zola When Rahway, New Jersey’s J Hacha de Zola released Picaro Obscuro, the second of his two “urban junkyard” albums of 2016, he insinuated that he might not continue on to make a third, and if he did, his plan was to “lighten up” the sound that he has variously, previously (ominously?) described as “boozegaze.” Turns out maybe he was overthinking things, which isn’t so surprising for a scientist turned auteur.

Antipatico (released October 6th, 2017) is the third album from J Hacha de Zola in just over two years and throughout that time, listeners have had the opportunity to hear an artist consistently gaining ground on his own vision and voice. Some artists change immeasurably over the course of three records, whereas Hacha de Zola is actually becoming who he set out to be. [via Fanatic PR]


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