Mt. Doubt: Teeming

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Edinburgh musician Mt. Doubt [Leo Bargery and crew] has returned with a brilliant new five track EP “Moon Landings“, released November 3rd on Scottish Fiction Records. The track is up as a free download but you can pick up a limited edition for $6 at the BC link below.

Talking about the EP, Bargery explains “it all really benefits from the input of Ryan Firth who has recently become more involved in the whole recording process with Mt. Doubt. His keys really elevate a lot of the material as do the lovely vocals of Annie Booth, which are a bit more of a focal point here than they have been in the past!”

Another new track, “Mouthwash” is available on 7″ and for download from their BC site below for £2 GBP. Check the video below…

[via A Badge of Friendship]


Mt. Doubt