Cubbage: False Alarm

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Here & Now” the debut late 2016 EP from Philadelphia self-produced folk & pop singer-songwriter, Anthony CUBBAGE, who uses the opportunity to express in each song on the EP the importance of capturing a moment. The beautiful song that leads off this effort, “False Alarm“, specifically starts with expressing the regret of allowing your past time to be stolen.

Cubbage reportedly started recording his first solo songs at Ithaca College School of Music where he studied Sound Recording Technology for 3 semesters (see video embed below). In the Summer of 2016 he toured around the country (9,000 miles) in a van, playing shows, busking in every city and starting a project called “Songs for the Road” where he wrote and recorded a song each week, and filmed them live in cool spots he visited, later posting them on YouTube.

Cubbage’s ultimate goal is to do what music has done for him, catalyzing individual change. “You can’t make someone do something, but you can give them direction to make the choice themselves.”

You can also grab the new EP effort by Cubbage, “Where We Left Off“, which dropped this May over at the BC link below. Its another stunning new release with our favorite song ‘The Author‘ closing out the three solid tracks.


False Alarm by Cubbage is licensed under a Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license.
False Alarm


Sep 07
World Cafe Live – Upstairs
Philadelphia, PA

Oct 04
Whirled Pies at Cosmic
Eugene, OR

Oct 21
Sherman Showcase
Stroudsburg, PA