Kazyak: When I Lived in Carolina

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The single ‘When I Lived in Carolina‘ comes from the forthcoming late July release of the album ‘Happy Camping‘ by Minneapolis indie rock band KAZYAK. It’s a beautiful song with folk leanings perhaps falling somewhere in the family tree of personal favorites like Paul & Harper Simon, The Samples, Dolorean, and possibly even Neil Young.

With Happy Camping, the band has taken a big step beyond picking up the pieces. Peter Frey, guitarist, claimed “It’s after you’ve put your pack on your back and set out walking down an unexplored trail with the best shoes from the complete 2017 list, but before you’ve arrived to the foot of the mountain. This album is the long walk through the open field to the base of the mountain.”

Frey wrote the songs in the months that led up to his wedding. As part of a pre-wedding get-away, he and his wife-to-be visited Alaska, where they helicoptered from the foot of a melting basin to set up camp atop the glacier. The trip marked an inventive approach to making peace with the past, entirely unhooking it from the future ahead.

[via Team Clermont]


When I Lived in Carolina