The Yorks: Liaison

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The Yorks The upcoming self-titled debut EP from The Yorks is a sweeping mixture of indie rock beats and acid-induced grooves wrapped together with a charming psychedelic bow. The EP, recorded by Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen (Gardens and Villa) is due out on August 18. The first single, Liaison is today’s Dose.

Putting on a memorable and entertaining show is critically important to George Azanza and Louis Richard IV. Translating that passion and flurry of energy into an audio format is no small task, but one met head on. The Yorks EP moves with the highs and lows of a hazy twilight in a Los Angeles bar. From the rolling drum beats and fuzzy ethereal guitar licks, one can almost imagine Azanza and Richard standing on top of buzzing amplifiers surrounded by flashing lights and instrument cables.

“Liaison” combines a frantic bass, frenzied guitar and a rock steady drum beat to hold the calculated chaos together. The song tells the story of an individual struggling as he comes to terms with the end of a relationship. The lack of humility spins out of control as he desperately tries to justify his own self-reflection. The chorus rings like a reverb-drenched chant which brings the character’s emotions up and down to highlight his chaotic post-romantic fate. [via Green Light Go PR]


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