DEgITx: Grim Reaper (feat. Matty M.)

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DEgITx (Also known as DEg) is composer and programmer Alexey Kasyanchuk from Minsk in Belarus who has been crafting his music by mixing together a combination of metal, electronic and chiptune music into a style that he calls – Sid Metal.

Grim Reaper” is the powering opening track off his forthcoming LP release of “Flower“, releasing June 13, 2017. To hear more of the chiptune sound mixed nicely into the metal mix we recommend some tracks off his late 2014 album “Between Death and Stars“, most notably our favorite, “Dead Space“.

Influences: The Machinist, Dawn of Neptune, In Flames, Machinae Supremacy, Blinded Colony, Elzevir


Grim Reaper by DEgITx is licensed under a
Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
Grim Reaper