Charly Bliss: Wait

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Wait” is a good introductory taste of the first official EP from New York band CHARLY BLISS’ “A Lot to Say“, released back in 2013.

As the story goes, the band officially started when frontwoman Eva Hendricks and guitarist Spencer Fox, both just 15, crossed paths at a Tokyo Police Club show in New York City, but the ties within the band go much deeper than that. “It’s kind of insane and hilarious,” says Eva, “Sam is my older brother, so obviously we’ve known each other our whole lives, but all of us have been connected to each other since we were little kids. Dan Shure and I dated when we were in our early teens and he and Spencer went to summer camp together. Dan and I broke up years ago, but eventually he’d become our bass player. The reason we all get along so well has to do with the fact we share this ridiculous history. We are all deeply embedded in each other’s lives.”

The band spent years playing shows in and around New York City, issued several releases and as of April 21st have dropped the newest LP “Guppy” via Barsuk Records. The video below for “Percolator” comes from this excellent new release. All others can be found via their BC and SC links within.