Quicksilver Daydream: Echoing Halls

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Quicksilver Daydream Quicksilver Daydream is the gothic folk alias of singer-songwriter Adam Lytle. Already known for his work with Wild Leaves, a renowned live outfit with whom he has released two EPs, his new project presents a pure distillation of his DIY ethic and the ideal vessel for his message of standing up for who you are and what you believe in. The result is Echoing Halls, ten songs of longing draped in the murky arrangements of Mellotron strings, fuzz guitars and layered vocals. At its core is a singer/songwriter exploring the depths of his psyche and embracing the beauty found within.

Born on a farm in Maineville, Ohio but a Brooklyn resident for 8 years, Lytle began work on Echoing Halls at a time when his future in New York seemed more than a little uncertain.

With Wild Leaves on hiatus he decided to trust in his artistic vision and meet his limitations head on by recording an album in his home, relying solely on his unproven production skills. Having grown up in an area where his closest friends lived miles away, yet now residing in a tiny apartment in which the hustle of NYC is inescapable, it’s no wonder that his sonic compositions marry a love of space with a need to stretch boundaries. [via Green Light Go PR]


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Live Dates
MAY 18 THU Rockwood Music Hall New York, NY
JUN 2 FRI Main At South Side, Fort Worth, TX