chalkboards: heartdrop

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The new seven-song album “Sleeper Hearts” from Austin, Texas 8-bit inspired outfit chalkboards released in the final days of this past year, 2016. chalkboards is Anna Crain and Jacob Weiss who specialize in “weaving waves into dense blankets of noise or melody” while “tangled up in electronics, instruments, amps and cables“.

For songs such as the featured track ‘heartdrop‘ and other greats like favorite “.jpegs of you“, the band effortlessly takes 8-bit melodies and meshes them with other layered sound samples and electronic instrumentation creating a series of lush and very inspiring tracks.

The ambitious new album was reportedly in the making for 3 years, interspersed with dormant periods as the complexities of life pinballed them around as it tends to do. The group hopes what you hear is an honest reflection about the “warmth of love, bitterness of sorrow, and everlasting warble between the two“.

Album Influences: Loretta Lynn, Sunn O))), Depreciation Guild, Rachmaninov, Yo La Tengo, Capsule and Phil Elverum.


heartdrop by chalkboards is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) license.