Sakawa Boys: There’s No Harm in Trying

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Cape Town South Africa’s SAKAWA BOYS released their debut LP in 2016 entitled, “2014 Anxiety“, which the band describes as being influenced by shoegaze and modern alt-pop music. We first heard their quality 2014 single “Lazy Eys” followed by the excellent four-song EP “V” that came shortly thereafter.

There’s No Harm in Trying” is the fourth track from the new LP and has a slightly different feel than some of our other favorites [e.g. “Tunnels“, “Blakaut“], a beautiful collage of sublime guitar-work evoking dream-pop images of yesteryear. The entire album is stunning and definitely one of the best we’ve heard for quite a while.

An additional stream via YouTube featuring the stunning sounds of “Tunnels” follows below.

(A few) Influences: The Smiths, Grizzly Bear, The Strokes, Wavves, Sonic Youth, Slowdive, Led Zeppelin


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There’s No Harm in Trying