The Black Watch: Whence

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The Black Watch The Black Watch, led by John Andrew Fredrick, are releasing a new album ‘The Gospel According To John’. Arriving April 21st, 2017, it is the band’s 15th in 30 years of music-making (leaving out EPs, singles, wax cylinders).

‘The Gospel According To John’ follows-up 2015’s ‘Highs & Lows’, and was recorded over the course of eleven months with Rob Campanella of The Brian Jonestown Massacre producing. It is a decidedly guitar-driven record, even for a guitar-driven group, due to the work of Andy Creighton (on loan from his fine band The World Record.)

“We’ve had a history of really great guitarists in the group,” says Fredrick, “Andy did an immense job. The new songs are so dance-y.”

The album’s first single is “Whence,” about which Frederick explains, “Keats said, ‘If poetry doesn’t come as easily as the leaves to a tree, it shouldn’t come at all.

He’s being glib, I think, but ‘Whence’ is about inspiration, and how if you question it, it just might go bye-bye.”
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