Beth // James: Lion Eyes

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Beth // James “Austin duo Beth // James‘ debut EP, ‘All In Life’, is the product of two award winning musicians, Jordan Burchill and Mikaela Kahn. Their original songs and startling musicianship pick up where the Civil Wars left off. Tackling love, their adopted hometown of Austin, and more, All in Life is simultaneously unexpected and familiar, infused with a shimmering mix of modern folk, mindful pop, and Americana charm.

“Album standout ‘Lion Eyes’ is a dark ballad spun from moody tumbleweed electric guitar and iridescent organ, setting the stage for Kahn and Burchill to take everything up a notch with their emphatic, impassioned vocal performance. The duo drives it home with a raise-your-bourbon-to-the-sky chorus, lambasting “her lion eyes”, a rally cry against anyone who’s careless with other peoples’ hearts.”

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