My Heart is a Metronome: The Whistler

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Uppsala, Sweden based band MY HEART IS A METRONOME took shape three years ago as singer and guitarist Mattis Malinens solo project. After recording the EP ‘Sketches‘ on his own, the solo project grew into a larger band after which they recorded their 2014 self-produced EP ‘The Coloring‘, and had this great single ‘The Whistler‘ gather strong word of mouth in the Swedish media.

Influences: Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver, Eddie Vedder, Otis Redding, etc.

We’ve also embedded a new video for the title track and single taken from the EP ‘Tierp‘, out a few days back on February 10, 2017 through Soul City Enterprise. This was all filmed and edited by Erik Lundkvist.


The Whistler