De Lune Déluge: Ink & Cayenne

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De Lune Déluge New Orleans based De Lune Déluge released their second album Honeycomb in April 2016. Today’s Dose is a standout track from it.

The band members are Dustin Champagne – bass, Collin Jilbert – drums, percussion, Vanessa Degrassi – vocals, guitars, baritone ukulele, flute, organs, wurlitzer, glockenspiel, slide, singing bowls.

The songs are often described as dream-stories, each a journey of it’s own, with Vanessa’s unique voice guiding the way. She likes to fit uncommon melodies into her chords. The sound can be intimately delicate one moment, and fiercely strong the next, all while maintaining a beautiful dissonance and groove. Lyrics are very important, and Vanessa crafts them with great intention, from deep within her but also incorporating the mysterious, mad, and beautiful swamp-city they dwell in.


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