Chris Pendergraft: Solace (Oakland Ghost Ship Fire Tribute)

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Chris Pendergraft, a musician from the Bay area recently wrote and released a songs for those who fell victim to the tragic fire in Oakland a few short weeks back. Before the end of the year was up, we wanted to feature his tribute and share a bit of what Chris had to say about this effort:

I wrote this today about the Oakland ghost ship fire, that took at this point some 36 confirmed lives. This district I came up in, still have our recording studio in. Its a live work community of cool ass folks trying to make life a little closer to art then reality. Me and my folks threw tons of parties and we just lucky and blessed very few people ever got hurt. What happened this weekend really hit me hard. I hope that we can learn something and find some comfort in the love that we have for each other. We all have so little time, and to me it is especially tragic when young people are lost.


Solace (Oakland Ghost Ship Fire Tribute)