Moonlapse: Dark Root Omen

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MoonlapseToday, genre-bending and experimental musician Ben Strick (Moonlapse) has released his third studio album, Viridis, with the exceptional single Dark Root Omen featured as today’s Daily Dose.

“Musically, I’m experimenting with how elements found more commonly in progressive metal can be played through a diverse array of electronic instruments, and with how I can create a cinematic mood through melody. I want to get people thinking more critically about how existing genres can be brought to new heights in the future.” Moonlapse says of Viridis. “This is an instrumental concept album that tells a story which is meant to be interpreted by the listener, guided by Duncan Storr’s amazing cover art, the song titles, and the feelings that arise from the music itself.”

Born in LA, but now based in Chicago, Strick has also been influenced profoundly by acoustic masters like Don Ross, Trace Bundy, Michael Hedges and Andy McKee. Not to mention, electronic artists like RL Grime, Thriftworks, and Seven Lions as well as ground-breaking composers like Clint Mansell and Hans Zimmer. He is consistently engaged with the metal world, his current favorite acts including Meshuggah, Vildhjarta, Born of Osiris, Katatonia, and Symphony X. “In my music, I do my best to combine all of these influences together, as a way to expand progressive music even further,” explains Strick. “I strive to make some kind of mark on the musical landscape. As Dream Theater’s John Petrucci puts it, progressive music is ‘defined by its very lack of stylistic boundaries,’ which is a mantra that has become a key aspect of my own style.”

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Dark Root Omen