Antenna Man: Guitarless Man

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Antenna Man Antenna Man make music about dysfunctional love, weirdness, meaninglessness, hopefulness, and just about any other twisted little thing you could imagine. The Indianapolis quartet of Mark Wolven (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kendall Ludwig (lead guitar), David Campbell (bass) and Wes Hodgson (drums) can’t seem to complacently float in single genre waters. Their catchy, quirky songs feel like a defunct greatest hits skipping around through rock n roll, grunge, golden oldies, southern rock, bar blues, country and Americana. You may walk away wondering if it was country or rock n roll, but you’ll know it was something real. It’s the music George Jones might have dreamt about after spending an evening in the company of In Utero and Led Zeppelin II. [viv GLG Publicity]

The debut album from the Indianapolis based band, Elaine Jr, recorded at Postal Recording (Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s) is due out on February 17. Today’s Dose is the first single from it.


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