Cotton Mather: Life Of The Liar

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Cotton Mather Austin based pop powerhouse, Cotton Mather to release first all-new album in 15 years as part of massive 64-track I Ching inspired project. Comprised of 11 songs, “Death of The Cool” is part of ongoing 64-song collection representing I Ching’s 64 hexagrams.

It didn’t take 15 years for Cotton Mather’s Austin-based main man, Robert Harrison to write the 64 songs (64 songs!) that comprise his latest musical vision: one song for each hexagram (or reading) of the I Ching. That’s actually the amount of time that has passed since the last full-length album of new Cotton Mather songs was released. With so much new material on deck, it seems like Harrison is making up the difference.

Thirteen tracks from this treasure trove of new tunes have already been posted one-by-one in “real time and real weather” as Harrison describes this creative process, and now the first of several albums that will ultimately contain much of the entire song cycle, has been announced. Arriving on July 29th (with a limited white vinyl edition scheduled for Sept. 9th), the eleven-track “Death of The Cool” contains another nine of Harrison’s pure pop meditations on Chinese philosophy. [via Fanatic]
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