Ghost King: Bones 1 & 2

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Ghost KingOur featured song today is the excellent conjoined two-part track, “Bones 1 & 2” by the band Ghost King, who throw a rope up from the rabbit hole, inviting you to slip down into their dark psychedelic world.

Ghost King is a Bronx-based foursome that have been banging out rock and roll in the basement since they were eight years old. The band was formed after Carter McNeil (vocals/guitar) finished touring/playing drums with Spires. Inspired by his experiences on the road, McNeil decided to form his own band and reconnected with long time childhood friends Tom D’Augustino (drums), Lee Hayden (bass), and Andrew Wolfson (guitar/synth; post-album) to help shape his vision.

Their debut album, BONES, was recorded live in 3 days and officially releases tomorrow, on April 1st via Fleeting Youth Records! If you can’t wait a day you can pre-order below via Bandcamp.


Bones 1 & 2