Kye Alfred Hillig: In Tandem

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Kye Alfred HilligTacoma Washington based artist Kye Alfred Hillig has returned with a new full length album, ‘Great Falls Memorial Interchange‘, recorded over four days last December up in Seattle and made available for streaming and downloading as of this past Friday. On his site Kye describes the album as “an exploration into the rawness and energy of live music. It’s kind of my punk album (although it might not initially sound that way)“.

In Tandem is a beautiful track reflecting on the lack of ease on moving through trying solo moments of life in this “world built for two”, a well crafted folk tune and one of the best songs we’ve personally heard to date from this fantastic singer-songwriter.

Album Info: Cover photo by Kye Alfred Hillig. Album dedicated to Mike Buker; Band: Kye Alfred Hillig, David Bilbrey, Bill Nordwall, Yos-wa: Bass, Jasen Samford, Steve Norman, Jason Lackie


In Tandem