Inspired & the Sleep: Die Slow

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Inspired & the Sleep Inspired & the Sleep have put out a new video for their tune ‘Die Slow’ (from their Eyelid Kid EP released last November) created by Australian director Robert Crispe. The Stop-Motion Animation Video took a year to create and features over 3,700 frames with no post work. Check it out below.

“Inspired & the Sleep is a dream-pop band based in San Diego, California, consisting of a revolving lineup surrounding singer-songwriter Max Greenhalgh & multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. Focusing on rhythm and melody, Greenhalgh’s loop-based demos are rewoven with additional psychedelic/jazz threads to construct groove-centered pop songs.

Determined on continuous reinvention, the band is moving towards a more refined and darker approach to arranging with polished production while retaining hints of Greenhalgh’s previous lo-fi ponderings.” [bio]

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