IR: UK #144

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Episode number 144 of Insomnia Radio: UK

Ro at the controls again. Eight tracks from UK Artists

Release Date: Sunday 27 December 2015

TRT: 35:50

Rating: Work Safe

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Song Listing and Links

  • Lets Talk Dagger – I Love You Dad, But I’m Mental (From A Beautiful Life)
    Eastbourne | BandCamp
  • Little Death Machine – Velvet Skin (From Velvet Skin)
    London | Web Site
  • New York Tourists – Call (From Call EP)
    Blackburn | Web Site
  • Rodney Cromwell – Barry was an Arms Dealer (From Age of Anxiety)
    London | BandCamp
  • Orange Vision – Dark Around The Eyes (From Dark Around The Eyes)
    Oxford | Facebook
  • Our Lost Infantry – The Enemy’s Gate is Down (From Interregnum)
    Aldershot | Web Site
  • Palumbo and The Funk – Say Ya Don’t (From All the Rage We Are)
    London | Facebook
  • The Retrospectives – Rolling Stone (Single)
    Sheffield | SoundCloud | Facebook

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