The Folk: Edith

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The FolkGuelph Onatario band The Folk released their newest, Every Colour, Present Wonder this past September 18. The four core members (Sara Bortolon-Vettor & Emma Bortolon-Vettor, Mark Ferrari, and Liam Magahay) apparently channeled the momentum following the release of 2014’s We All Say and almost immediately spent four months putting together their second LP with Pat Gregoire (Islands, Pat Jordache, Sister Suvi).

The band put out a release and a few quotes about Every Colour, Present Wonder, a good description of what it took to make this excellent release:

“Each song is a colour, a glimpse into each personality that comprises our core entity. For four months we lived and breathed this album. From conception to finish, it was our present wonder. It’s reflective of our past–what do we have to say or do in order to reconcile ourselves? It’s a commentary on the death of family, the deaths of lives not lived and the struggle to rejuvenate life into symbiotic relationships. We settled our past and have come out stronger, more passionate and more vicious.”

In addition for those curious about it, the self-label of the band’s music genre as FuckPop is explained as “To fuck is to multiply, pleasure, do. Pop is for everyone. This is FuckPop; a distorted vision of digestible music”.