Liminal Drifter: Troubled Mystic

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Liminal Drifter Liminal Drifter (aka Dr. Simon Order) is down-tempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey, ambient electronica, gently irradiating your subconscious. Today’s Dose features Chloe March from the UK, and is the title track from his new album, just released.

“Drawing on the seminal Warp releases of the ’90s, including Black Dog, Plaid and early Autechre, as well as more contemporary peers, Liminal Drifter evokes a spectrum of emotions across beautifully detailed electronic tapestries. Moving from downtempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey electronica, this suite of songs works as if by osmosis, gently irradiating your subconscious.” [Album Info via Hidden Shoal]

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