Kyowa: The Ends of the Earth

Ranger“Will you still want me?” is the pervasive smoldering question which repeats through a good portion of the slowly building and deeply evocative piece, The Ends of the Earth, by Nashville artist, KYOWA.

Stephanie Kincheloe’s stunning voice is the one asking the question on the March release of the new single which has a bit of a haunted feel overall, with a lot of interesting sounds interlaced underneath a light galloping strumming guitar, and quite perfectly placed percussion that starts shaking up the track after about a minute in. We can only dream that the answer that comes back after the final notes of the song fading out is a resounding yes, and not the saddening silence we know will be there each time.

In addition to Kyowa being a musical project, its also an umbrella to all of Stephanie’s creative endeavors: music, photography, and design. Kyowa originated in 2008 and her music has blossomed into a pure, dark, and melodic expression of communication. “Made”, is an extension of Stephanie’s art in jewelry design. She uses wood, gathered from her travels, copper, and raw brass to create each unique piece. The line is carried in Nashville and Denver boutiques and continuing to expand.


[audio:] Download The Ends of the Earth

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