Cajsa Siik: Relentless Delight

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Cajsa SiikThe excellent new single from Stockholm based artist Cajsa Siik just released a few short days back on May 12th and the singer had a bit to say about some of the contrasting facets here in LA (vs those in Sweden) that helped shape the track and album, Contra:

“One afternoon in Los Angeles, I decided to climb a mountain. Nearest to me were the Hollywood Hills, whose iron-rich and earthy soil, was a far cry from the hard granite I was used to in the north of Sweden. Once at the top, I recorded a brief live set before the heat forced me back down the hills again.”

“A year passed and when I played the clip back I found I had recorded it in black and white. The spectacular and hazy backdrop of Los Angeles that I remembered had been transformed into the mountainous vast grey expanses of my Swedish north.”

“That moment became my contrast and shaped the idea, that regardless of location, Los Angeles or Västerbotten in Sweden, I always carry those contrasts, those distinct and conflicting voices with me. For better or for worse. And with that, a seed was planted; a seed that resulted in Relentless Delight and the album Contra.”

“The songs were written on Tom’s veranda in a sunny Los Angeles, during numbingly freezing Stockholm nights and in a white house on an island in the barren Gulf of Bothnia. They stem from a feverish desire to leave the habitual behind and explore a world where hushed voices can speak freely. Voices that, without inhibitions wanted the freedom to be cynical, hopeful, combative, pissed off, full of life, ice-cold and dramatic, fragments of conversations from a fuck-it mentality to thoughtfulness.”

“It was a wonderful fight in many ways, and now it’s finished. It’s a lonely process to write an album. That’s how it should be. I wanted to summon a creative chaos, where the contrasts are felt in the union of a static beat and fragile lyrics.”

“Listen to the album during the dividing line between night and daybreak, along streets or trails you know well or want to get to know. Whether it will build up or break down it nevertheless made me feel less alone.”

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