La Sera: Losing to the Dark

La SeraLosing to the Dark is the first excellent single from La Sera’s third album “Hour of the Dawn”, via talented LA vocalist Katy Goodman and band helmed by guitarist Todd Wisenbaker.

Goodman had the following to say of the album: “I wanted the new La Sera record to sound like Lesley Gore fronting Black Flag. I didn’t want it to be another record of me sad, alone in my room. I wanted to have fun playing music and writing songs with a band. We started playing faster, louder and more aggressively,” Goodman says. “I wanted to get that energy onto the album.”

In the summer of 2013, the group decamped to a sweltering studio in East Los Angeles with engineer Joel Jerome and banged out the ten songs that would become Hour of the Dawn “We wanted to make a classic American record,” Wisenbaker says. “The album was inspired by a lot of bands: The Pretenders, Minor Threat, X, The Smiths, The Cars and more.”

The new album arrives May 13th, 2014 on Hardly Art records.

[via Hardly Art/Force Field]


[audio:] Download Losing to the Dark