Insomnia Radio: Main Show – Relaunch

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ClockHi everyone.

Just a quick update on what we’re planning for the Main Insomnia Radio Show

The Daily Dose has been going from strength to strength over the four and a half years since we decided to make it truly Daily in April 2008. Well over 2,000 free MP3 downloads since then. But the Dose doesn’t allow us to feature all the great independent music we are sent, which deserves to be heard.

So. We’ve decided to relaunch the Main Show, starting now. The format will be familiar, featuring great independent bands from around the world. But because of where we receive music from most, probably an emphasis on US and UK bands.

It is likely that we won’t be following a strict timetable, we’ll put out a show when we have about an hour of great music sent to us, rather than ‘every Wednesday’ for example.

Please join us for IR: 183, coming very soon.

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