Tom Slatter: Through These Veins

Tom SlatterTom Slatter, London based Prog/Steam Punk artist, has released a new EP, this is the title track from it. Details below. Also, go back and check out our post of a track from his second album here.

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Tom Slatter Releases ‘Through These Veins’, the first of 3 releases based on the same concept.

What could be more prog rock than a concept album? ‘Two concept EPs and a concept album,’ is Tom Slatter’s answer. In his continuing effort to jump on the prog rock bandwagon, Tom has made the commercially savvy decision to dedicate the next twelve months to composing and recording two EPs and one album about the same story, including a twenty minute epic to crown the whole project off sometime in the Autumn.

The first step in this cynical, conceptual sell out is Through These Veins, an EP that tells the story of a rogue surgeon who starts turning her patients into macabre living sculptures.

Through These Veins was released on January 21st 2014. It will be followed by a second EP, Blackwater, in March and a full length album in the summer.