Automono: Million Reasons

AutomonoAutomono is a solo product of M.Duffy (of Providence’s Black Oil Incinerator and Junior Beat). While both of those bands were busy playing gigs primarily in Rhode Island, Mass, and NY this passed year, M Duffy was also sketching out a certain sound that had been rattling his brain.

“Automono is a solo project that came about while tinkering with things. Automano is the name of the album. Some could say these are sketches. Some could say these are songs. Either way it doesn’t matter. Some words were just made up on the spot with the record button on. Some took weeks/months to write. Somehow some takes seemed to fit the first time, so they were left unchanged. Some drums were played on a child’s drum kit and recorded with one mic. Some weren’t. The Instruments used: guitar acoustic/electric, bass, drumset child size/real size, keyboards, voicemails from telemarketing barnacles, and a sheet of metal for one cymbal part on Time to Move.” [via BandCamp]



Download Million Reasons

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