Headshy: Coma

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HeadshyAustin based group HEADSHY are on the verge of releasing their conceptual Triple EP La Belle Epoque: The Head Chord, The Heart Chord, The Base Chord this upcoming January 14th, 2014 via Medicina Records.

The upcoming release is actually constructed from three separate EPs titled in concert with Giuseppe Baldini’s perfume/sound theory, each of which brandishing its own specific style and substance.

“The Head Chord has an acoustic quality, The Heart Chord has a trip hop quality and The Base Chord is bigger and more complex,” vocalist and songwriter Lisa Lipkin explains. “It’s like climbing steps to a place you can’t see until you get to the top. If you use steps as an analogy of the songs, if you only climb the first step, you will have no concept of what the collection is as a whole. For instance, I change my voice to suit the song and the way I sing the first track sounds completely different from the rest of the tracks I sing lead on.”

In addition to the CD release, the group is also making the collection available as a specialized box set handmade by Reese Beeman of the group, that will contain three perfume bottles containing a flash drive comprised of the songs featured within the parameters of each separate EP.

“Legend had it that an amphora was once found in a pharaoh’s tomb, and when it was opened, a perfume was released,” Baldini goes on to say within the pages of Das Parfum.” After all those thousands of years, a perfume of such subtle beauty, and yet such power, that for one single moment every person on earth believed they were in paradise.”

[via Team Clermont]


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