Talons of Spring: Fascination Bound

Talons of SpringNot too many years following artist Andrei Tutunaru’s move from Los Angeles to Portland, Maine, comes his long awaited twelve song release, “Euphonious Dawn” under his familiar yet still mysterious moniker, TALONS OF SPRING. The full collection is a follow-up to last year’s five song EP, “Burden of Proof”, the new effort having officially released at the beginning of this past weekend, the perfect catalyst to sounding the arrival of Autumn.

Andrei’s unwavering unique voice and rock experimentalism has strongly returned on this newest full length, true to form and bedecked with the euphonious poetry and expanding sound palettes that we were hoping would unfold as they did. As with last years EP, Travis Knight (from favorite MOSS BLUFF) is back on the second full release fleshing out the production throughout. Its a wonderful project to explore, no track really sounding wholly like the one before; truly a labor of love with some great instrumentals and backing vocals throughout, not to mention excellent illustrations by Eric Collins. Some of my favorites offhand beyond today’s feature include, ‘Gets Off This’ and ‘Dear Kate’, but this could be changing after a handful or more listens.

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[audio:http://insomniaradio.net/audio/dailydose/irdd-talonsofspring-fascinationbound.mp3] Download Fascination Bound