IR: Australia #23 – An Australian Dose Of Insomnia!

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IR Australia logo_FINAL_300Welcome to episode 23 of Insomnia Radio: Australia.  On this episode, Erk wanders back through the Insomnia Radio archives to find Australian artists. Some of the artists are well known to Erk while others are new discoveries. The aim of Insomnia Radio: Australia (and Erk’s sister show Erk FM) is to find new Australian music and present it. An awesome aspect of podcasting is that it is usually noncompetitive and people are happy to share, Erk included. There are a lot more songs in the IR fault for Erk to explore which will feature in upcoming episodes!


All music supplied by Insomnia Radio.



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Song list (all times approximate)

  • 02:52 – Endless Sun – The Money Go Round (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 07:09 – Life & Death Of Postman Pat (Wake Up) – Crossing Red Lines (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 10:38 – Al Pacino – Sea Legs (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 13:28 – Unstoppable – Enerate (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 17:19 – Bumper – The Cannanes (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 20:41 – Don’t Leave – All India Radio (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 31:26 – This Haunting – Alex Watts & The Foreign Tongue (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 35:49 – Like This – The Night (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 39:14 – Waiting Waiting – Jack Carty (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 41:48 – History’s Door – Husky (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 45:35 – Break The Spell – All Mankind (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 48:44 – Do You Hear – Cub Scouts (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 01:00:12 – Harm – The Dead Leaves (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 01:03:45 – Awkward – San Cisco (via Insomnia Radio)
  • 01:06:18 – Horizons – The Cadres (via Insomnia Radio)