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Insomnia Radio: UK
Episode number 104 of Insomnia Radio: UK

The return of our UK show after a bit of a break

Recording Date: Sunday 07 April 2013

TRT: 50:42

Rating: Work Safe

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Song Listing and Links

Chadwick Station – Leaving it all to you
Chadwick Station are originally from London, now living in Nashville. Their Waiting for a Sunny Day EP was recorded in Nashville and mixed at Abbey Road Studio London, and released in February. Head to their web site for a free download of one of the tracks called High and Low in return for your email address. The EP is available from BandCamp.
Bandcamp | Web Site | Facebook | Twitter

Tom Slatter -The Engine That Played Through Their Honeymoon
Tom Slatter is from London and this is from his third album called Three Rows of Teeth, released in March. I’ve listened to the whole album, several times. He describes it as “steampunk and sci-fi inspired prog-rock”. Bits remind me in a way of early Genesis, especially the three part The Time Traveller Suite which is the last three tracks on the album, and is twenty minutes long. The album is available at BandCamp.
BandCamp | Web Site | Facebook | Twitter

The Cult of Dom Keller – Eyes
The Cult of Dom Keller are from Nottingham, this is from their 11 track LP released on Vinyl, on Mannequin Records, a limited run of 500, and doesn’t seem to be available for download, but can be streamed from SoundCloud, just go to SoundCloud and search for Cult of Dom Keller. Its partially compiled from re-mastered and reworked versions of tracks previously included in the band’s self-released series of EPs,and it also features three unreleased recordings. Those four EPs are available from BandCamp.
BandCamp | Facebook | Twitter | MySpace

Emily Capell – My Dad’s a Smiths fan
Emily Capell is from North West London, and this is the bonus track on her EP, which is available as a free download from ReverbNation. I love this because I am a Dad and I am a bit of a Smith’s Fan. When I emailed Justin for details, in his reply he copied in Emily’s email address, and a while later I got a reply from Andy Quirk who is her manager, who runs many things as well, such as the Hits Of The Near Future podcast, and I met him at PodCrawl last year. Nice when all these things come together.
Web Site | Facebook | ReverbNation |Twitter

The Electroscopes – First into Space last down to Breakfast
The ElectroScopes are from Northampton and just released a 7″ Vinyl single called Made a Mistake on German label Firestation records at This is the B side. I can’t find many web links for them, but you can find a load of their music on SoundCloud
SoundCloud | MySpace | Firestation Records

Paradigms – The Long Way (D7 Urban Mix)
A duo from Dorset, specifically Poole & Bournemouth , who are Steve Beck and Lee Ditcher, Paradigms released their debut EP at the end of February, and this is a remix by D7 of one of the tracks. I’ve heard the original version, but actually prefer this remix. Find the EP from or iTunes/Amazon
Zimbalam | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Lunarians – The Sweetening
Lunarians formed in Bristol in 2009, and their 11 track album Lost Light Receiver was released in December and is available from BandCamp on a name your price basis
Web Site | BandCamp | Facebook

Sparrow and the Workshop – Valley of Death
From the third album Murderopolis by Glasgow-based Sparrow and the Workshop, to be released on Vinyl and CD on Song, by Toad Records in May, and also available from iTunes
Web Site | Facebook | Twitter | Song, by Toad Records

Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss
With some members originally from Australia and New Zealand, but now based in London with some British members too, the band Splashh (with two h’s ) are releasing their new album, Comfort, out June 4th on Kanine Records in the US. They are starting a big tour of the US this week. This track is a free download available from SoundCloud and other places
Web Site | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Snapped Ankles – True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)
London post-punk outfit Snapped Ankles released their debut single ‘True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)’ on Ears Have Eyes records in March. Its available from BandCamp
BandCamp | Facebook | SoundCloud

First Love, Last Rites – Young Girl
Now, I think this band might be Swedish. In fact looking at their Facebook page, they are from Umeå, in Northern Sweden. In which case we’ll treat them as Guest Artists. First Love, Last Rites (or FLLR) are signed to London based Indepenent label Heist Or Hit Records, this is a free download single from their second album Wasted Hearts being released on 15th April. You can find it on SoundCloud
Web Site | Facebook | Heist or Hit Records

Pale Man Made / Dubstar – Dog, Cat, Pony
Pale Man Made have teamed up with indie legends from the 90’s Dubstar,and are releasing a double A-side single on Pinch Records, which will be available from their web site and BandCamp. It was originally on their 2012 album Red Box Secrets on Odd Box Records
Web Site | BandCamp | Odd Box Records

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