The Racer: Settle

The RacerThe Racer, an indie rock quintet out of Monroe, NY is influenced by the frequent commutes to NYC, tour van rides and road trips a group of bandmates inevitably experiences. “We usually picture driving to the music we make,” says lead singer Pete Marotta. “Maybe because most people in our area commute over an hour to NYC on a daily basis.” The music this band of friends makes does have a feeling of movement, especially their latest album, Passengers. With this release, out May 14th, The Racer takes the transportation motif to the next level.

In 2010, the band, then known as Stuedabakerbrown, released their first album, Strangers We’ll Become. Then in 2012, they changed their name to go along with their new concept album, Passengers.

Passengers is tied together by an idea that colored not only the songs recorded for it, but the whole process of writing and producing it. The album begins with a fictional collision involving all of the band members. Each of the tracks is a reflection on life just before the moment of death. The album is dark, but not necessarily morbid. The songs represent the most important memories, feelings and events that would be brought to mind if the band was facing death.

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