Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys: Devil’s in the Details

Walter SickertWalter Sickert & The ARmy of BRoken TOys are the spinners of a charming, demented fairy tale that gathers new characters all the time. At the heart of the colorful fantasy is Walter Sickert, the writer, ringleader and conjurer.

The name of the band came to Walter in a dream. He had been living in a haunted barn in the woods of New Hampshire and would often record very late at night. During one of these sessions on a mid-winter’s eve, he fell asleep curled under a pile of broken porcelain dolls. The dolls kept him warm and infiltrated his dream, marching as a musical army and finishing the recording he was working on, much like the elves in the tale of the shoemaker. Upon waking Walter realized that the song he had been working on was indeed finished and embarked on a journey to find real life broken toys to join him in his musical alchemy.

His goal was realized and their latest album, Soft Time Traveler, is due out April 16.

[via Green Light Go]


[audio:] Download Devil’s in the Details