Plants and Animals: Lightshow

Plants and AnimalsToday we reach back a full year to the Feb 2012 album by Montreal’s Plants and Animals – The End of That. The album sees the Canadian trio bridging the gap between their 2008 debut, Parc Avenue, and 2010’s darker La La Land.

The band took a different, more relaxed approach with The End of That as opposed to their former sprawling, in-the-studio songwriting process; they decided to write and fully develop a large volume of material before setting the tape rolling and clock running. But whereas they spent more time than ever before preparing, they actually recorded and mixed The End of That faster than any other Plants and Animals record to-date (save perhaps their 2007 breakthrough, the brief with/avec EP). With their new songs fleshed out, the band returned to La Frette Studios, outside of Paris, and with the help and ear of engineer Lionel Darenne (Feist), wrapped up their sessions in two weeks. The end result is arguably Plants and Animals’ most live-off-the floor offering.

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