The Glorious Veins: Savage Beat

The Glorious Veins
Bluesy post-punk rock band The Glorious Veins over the last few years have toured across the US, playing at SXSW and The Vans Warped Tour, and hitting 25 states. Last year they used Kickstarter to raise funds for their next album, hitting their goal in just two weeks. Now, on Feb 19th, they will release Savage Beat, a disc that captures the raw energy of their powerful live sound.

Led by singer/songwriter Paul Pangman with british born Matt Howels (guitar/back up vocals), Lee Grasso (Bass) and Phillippines native Wiggy Colmenares (drums/back up vocals), The Glorious Veins mix an electric range of styles to create something at once unexpected and familiar. Recorded entirely on 2 inch analog tape in the fall of 2012 at Brooklyn’s Galuminum Foil Studios with engineer Jeff Berner, the disc is a driving, thumping album with a textured soundscape. In addition to their typical drums bass guitar setup, Savage Beat features strings, synth, woodwinds, timpani and chamber bells.


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