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AwningAwning is the Brooklyn folktronica duo of Jon Sheldrick and Luke Smith, who initially met while studying music at NYU. They both are apparently classically trained musicians who have experimented with a variety of projects in the past [e.g. opera, off-Broadway musicals, and jam bands].

The group has two free EPs over at Bandcamp and today’s feature is taken from the 1st, the last track from this April 2011 release. It reminds me of the stripped down song structures of our friends from the recently quiet Techno Squirrels, who then flesh them out electronically, to great effect. I enjoyed the following description of the core of Awning’s songs: “…when stripped of their computerized textures, is often just acoustic guitars and vocals, melodic lines that travel fluidly and with purpose. Structured from seeds of ideas—a simple riff or chord progression—the two will often record a stand-alone folk song before they take to harvesting samples, slicing, rearranging and transforming it into its realized self.”


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