Insomnia Radio: Double Shots #32 – Snowblown

Brooklyn Double Shots #32While the forecast for Brooklyn might call for rain and a 20% chance of getting stung by ice pellets, in the not so distance past the metropolis was covered with snow.  This was likely around the time these two great artists from the NYC’s most populated burrough had possibly finished or started mastering the releases we are featuring today.

SNOWMINE is a psychedelic independent five-piece out of Brooklyn who we featured on the Daily Dose in the not too far past. You may remember the excellent song ‘The Hill‘, an introduction to the group from the bands two song LP ‘Laminate Pet Animal‘. Today’s feature comes from their albums that followed, released in November of 2011 (Curfews) and April of 2012 (Saucer Eyes)

BEN LEAR is also from Brooklyn, a songwriter and composer who released his brilliant debut LP, ‘Lillian: A Folk Opera‘ this past April. It quickly received some well deserved praise, including some from all the way out West, a nice review from the Los Angeles Times.

1) Snowmine – Curfews
2) Snowmine – Saucer Eyes
3) Ben Lear – Lillian
4) Ben Lear – Show Me Love