Shout Timber: Rich Man (Radio edit)

Shout TimberRich Man is the December 10th single release from London, UK band Shout Timber. Playing on two sides of an ever-existent and more than ever culturally relevant conundrum: rich and poor, happiness and unhappiness – “All the money in the world no it can’t buy love”, Rich Man follows a character who has everything but is still unhappy, exploring the idea that joy derives from the people in our lives, and not from the all the stuff we own.

Influenced by the makeshift, joyous vibe of a lot of African music (that sounds like it was recorded with one room mic), Shout Timber wanted Rich Man to draw from that musically but have a satirical lyrical edge that played on the ‘first world problems’ mindset.

The band’s first release “First Love EP” came out last year, recorded only four months after the band formed. Pay them a visit at any of the fine links below and make sure to check out the excellent new video.


[audio:] Download Rich Man