Said the Whale: Christmas Under the Clouds

saidthewhaleRunning around in a panic stocking your bunker with that last box of Hostess fruit pies for the apocalypse? Need a breather? Put down that Chocodile my friend and take a listen to a holiday compilation of Vancouver’s finest holiday music from Said the Whale. They’ve gathered all the Christmas EP songs that have been put out since their origins in 2007 and placed them on the aptly named West Coast Christmas EP Collection.

Today’s song goes back to their earliest days and gives others a piece of a West Coast Christmas, replete with gloom and rain, and a beautiful ballad to drink along to. Is it bad that I feel lost between ‘The Moon and New York City‘ when I listen to this? I think not. Anyway, you can grab the album for free or buy the band a hot cup of joe at the BC link below.


[audio:] Download a Christmas Under the Clouds